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About Supporting Company

A joint venture between Kimberley Search/Selection and ESI (Executive Search International) of Japan was established in Singapore with the aim to provide existing and prospective clients with highly-personalised and confidential, as well as comprehensive, executive 

search services across a wide spectrum of industries. 

In order to extend Kimberley-ESI’s reach beyond Singapore and Japan, PT JCI, in association with Kimberley-ESI was established in Jakarta to serve the Indonesian market in 2006.

As a 'home-grown' company, JCI-Kimberley Executive Search International is much more knowledgeable of providing the region's own multinationals with the most appropriate mid-level to top executive candidates they require, whether Southeast Asian or from elsewhere, to compete more effectively in their respective industries. 


The history of ESI dates back to 1969 when a multinational executive search firm established a representative office in Tokyo, Japan envisioning to serve all of Asia.

Named after the Kimberley diamond mine in South Africa, we, like diamond miners, search for the most “brilliant” people for our clients.  Such people are like diamonds -- highly valued, shining stars, rare and hard to find.  But when you know where, and how, to search for them, the rewards can be as great and as exciting as finding diamonds.  Our candidates are “Simply The Best”.  The most important criterion is that they will make “a major positive impact” to their new employer’s business.

JCI Executive Search International has a policy of excellence. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism and ethics.  All information revealed to us both by our clients and our candidates is treated in the strictest confidence. We have a proven reputation of integrity, quality and cost effectiveness in helping our clients fill 

senior management, technical and professional positions.  We have a high proportion of clients who have retained us before.

In Indonesia, JCI has successfully been serving many companies from various industries and has been successfully searching and placing many positions from officer to CEO.


JCI-Kimberley Executive Search International's Mission

JCI-Kimberley’s mission is always to achieve greatest results by providing value added executive search and selection service professionally and effectively for our clients.

Direct Search and Executive Selection processes are to identify key candidates. Both are highly effective in the appropriate circumstances. Success results from being able to select which process to use in which situation.

Effective recruitment depends upon a complete understanding of the clients business and executive requirements. It also requires knowledge of the executive resources available to meet such requirements. It is then possible to make value judgements whether to research the candidates via Direct Search Technique or to advertise on 

the open market through the newspaper or other similar media overseas. 

JCI-Kimberley recommends the method/s that will best achieve results.


On-Going Support Services 

The JCI-Kimberley consultants will stay in contact with the client and monitor the new appointees' performance. 

In addition, where requested, our consultants can provide coaching services to the newly recruited employee to ensure a smooth transition to the new corporate culture. 

Apart from executive search & selection, we also offer other services

as follows:

Recruitment Resources (e.g., Psychometric tests)

Recruitment Advertising Service

Interim Management

Project Teams

Outplacement Services

Professional Career Couching

Client Support Services


Contact Us:

JCI – Kimberley Executive Search International

Wisma 46 Kota BNI 48th Floor Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1 Jakarta 

10220 Indonesia 


Email: info@hubungkan.com