Webinar Event - Powerful Tips for CEO
Part 14: Practical Guides for Finding an Ultimate CEO

When it comes to selecting a new CEO, judgment really matters. The choice may devastate a company or create enormous value. That is why it is so important to find the best CEO among bunch, because obviously, nothing good comes of having the wrong CEO.
This also happens when you're finally choosing the final candidate, judgment about the fit matters. With so much conflicting insight and evidence, it’s no wonder picking a CEO is so difficult. What’s a board to do?

No CEO selection is risk-free, and the results take time to see, but by focusing on the finding the right candidate, not playing favorites, and going deep in their understanding of candidates’ strengths while also allowing for their imperfections, those driving the decision can avoid common pitfalls and improve the chances of making a fantastic choice.

Is there any practical guides to find the ultimate CEO that fits for your company?

Find it out by joining the FUN and INTERACTIVE Webinar session with Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan and ActionCOACH Jakarta, and get 24 PROVEN Steps to finding qualified and suitable CEOs to lead your business! The learning about Powerful Tips for CEO will be divided into 24 webinar sessions, held every two weeks (every month), to support a comprehensive understanding of management implementation and practice in your business.

Facilitated by:
Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan
(Senior Business & Executive Coach)
Coach Cahyadi has gone through the peak of his professional career in a multinational company for 22 years and now he has been focusing on being a Business & Executive Coach for 12 years, aiming for helping C-level suites. He believes that businesses can be run with the simplest ways and built upon a strong foundation of management.

Part 14: Practical Guides for Finding an Ultimate CEO

Date, time:
Friday, 5 March 2021, at 4-5PM

Rp300.000 per session

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